Client Kulinarijat

Kulinarijat is a delicacy food production but with a twist in the recipes.

It is inspired by the noble family of a Croatian historical figure born in Vrbovec whose cookbooks from 17th century testify to the use of various similar spices that founder of Kulinarijat, also from Vrbovec, uses nowadays in her recipes.

We told a traditional story in the contemporary way through humorous illustrations which indicate the usage of unordinary ingredients.

Client Repro Eko

Repro Eko is a private high-quality organic food production company. Our design interprets the traditionally produced milled products in a contemporary way. A short text with the family signature emphasizes care and devotion in production. The quality of products as well as the success of the design have resulted in excellent sales.

Zgraf 10, International Exhibition of Graphic Design and Visual Arts, honorable mention

The work is included in the comprehensive monography “Croatian Design_Now“, Upi2mbooks, 2009.

Client SRT advertising on behalf of
ZVIR d.o.o. bottled water manufacturers, Rijeka

Label design for the first Croatian mountain
water from Gorski Kotar, of exceptional karst origin.

First award for the label design for „Vira“ mountain water.

Client Encian d.o.o.

Packaging design for 100% cranberry tea. Since it is available in grocery stores as well as pharmacies, the packaging is designed to suggest both a medical and food product. The purity of the tea is emphasized – showing just cranberries on a simple white background. The successful design resulted in excellent sales.

Client Encian d.o.o.

Food packaging series designed for well-known dietetic product manufacturer, Encian. Different tastes differ by colour.

Client Repro Eko

Christmas cards are designed in the form of a cookbook. The text inside the greeting is witty, where holiday wishes are written instead of a standard recipe text expressing the fundamental values of Repro Eko.

Client Planetopija

The logo is derived from characteristics of the books it represents. It symbolizes themes beyond our reach, something NOT solidly on the ground! It emphasizes departure to the unknown, to another dimension, beyond ours.

Client Planetopija

Biblioteka Nebo is an edition of books dealing with subjects such as: life after death, past lives, beyond death experience etc. The common characteristic of these subjects is that they give insight into things that are invisible, intangible, mysterious and unknown. Book covers are visually connected with a transparent line symbolizing the barrier which keeps us from getting to know that world.

Client Abel&Grenac law firm

On the cover of the Christmas card we placed the client's logo. The «&» from the Abel&Grenac logo is magnified and transformed into a snowman with the addition of two typical elements –a carrot and buttons. The texture and the colour of the paper are reminiscent of snow. The print catches the eye and adds to sophisticated look. The result reflects the seriousness and reliability of the firm with a touch of holiday warmth.

The work is published in the comprehensive monography «Croatian Design_Now», Upi2mbooks,2009.

Client Ictinus Group

«Business for life» is a magazine designed for businessmen in their leisure time. Simplicity and minimalism of the design as well as top quality photography emphasize the exclusive nature of the magazine.

Client Adeco Pty Ltd

Adeco is an Australian exporter/importer based in Sidney. The logo unites the Australian origin with the international market by combining the shape of the human hand with the shape of the continent.

The work is published in the prestigious book dealing with global visual identity, «Worldwide Identity», by Rockport Publishers

Client Repro Eko

Repro Eko is a private high-quality organic food production company. The client wanted to highlight the water-mill as a central part of the rural economy. The logo was designed in a narrative manner and comprises 4 elements. That way everything is combined into a simplified yet recognizable sign.

Client Soho

A series of 20 T-shirt illustrations with the following subjects: Zagreb, the Adriatic coast and coastal towns. The successful sales in the first season resulted with a new order on the same subjects for the following season.